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Lake Turkana Largest desert lake in the world: Exploring Lake Turkana. 2023

Today the explorer is exploring Lake Turkana. Here are some facts to know about Lake Turkana.

Did you know that Lake Turkana is the largest desert lake in the world, Africa's fourth largest lake and the most saline lake in East Africa?

Lake Turkana constitutes of three (3) National Parks; Sibiloi National Park, the South Island and the Central Island National Parks covering a total area of 161,485 hectares located within the Lake Turkana basin. The three National Parks serve as a stopover for migrant waterfowl and are major breeding grounds for the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus and a variety of venomous snakes.

The Lake is surrounded by an arid, seemingly extraterrestrial landscape that is often devoid of life. The long body of Lake Turkana drops down along the Rift Valley from the Ethiopian border, extending 249 kilometers from north to south and 44 km at its widest point with a depth of 30 meters.

Source: UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

Kanini Kega confirmed as the Jubilee Party Secretary General. July 10, 2023 Nandi Senator Charergei

The Political Parties Disputes Tribunal has confirmed Kanini Kega as Jubilee Party Secretary General while upholding the decision by the party's National Executive Committee to suspend Jeremiah Kioni, David Murathe, and Kagwe Gichohi.

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Image of the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi.

High Court declines to lift suspension of Finance Act 2023.

High Court judge Mugure Thande has declined to set aside orders suspending the Finance Act 2023.