Welcome to Lake Victoria Basin Talent Development and Adolescent Health. We are committed to creating safe space where adolescents and youths' talents are nurtured, and their reproductive health and rights are recognized, provided for and respected.

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LVDAH-KENYA; Organization overview.

Talent Development

To achieve our objectives, the organization is involved in the programs aimed at identifying, nurturing, harnessing and developing young talents through:

Talent Search.

Through professional judges and designed strategies, LVDAH-Kenya conducts regular auditions to search for talented youths across the country to join our platform and use the available talent   development equipment.

Nurturing Talents.

After search and selection of talented youths in various categories (acting, dancing, comedy, singing, poetry, spoken words, modelling, artwork, acrobats, storytelling and games) the process of nurturing   and training starts. Nurturing is intended to produce future high performance. This is done by capable and experienced instructors.

Talent Shows & Fairs.

To sensitize the communities about the importance of talents in youth development, we host talent shows within communities, schools and religious centers. This gives an young people opportunities to   showcase various talents and gain recognition within the society. Since talent development does not occur in a vacuum, we use talent fairs and events to sensitize parents, guardians, teachers, community   and religious leaders on the importance of nurturing young talents.

Talent Management.

In addition to nurturing talent among young people, LVDAH-Kenya is committed to helping individuals make the most of their gifts. Through coaching, opening opportunities and financial advice, we help   talents monetize their skills, making sound investment and creating saving plans.

Cultural Exchange Programs.

LVDAH-Kenya facilitates regular cultural exchange Programs aimed at exposing youths to people from different cultural, religious, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds. Since the world is the best classroom and this exposes them to external market. We encourage youths to embrace traditional folklore and appreciation of vernacular languages.